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“LO Marketing Toolkit was the answer to all of my marketing dreams. It’s the easiest, most user friendly site I have ever seen. All flyers are in one place and you just input the specific information and within minutes you have a customized branded flyer. It’s fantastic for relationships with realtors, buyer, sellers and new business. I have been using LO Marketing Toolkit for years and would recommend it to anyone for all of their marketing needs! Thank you LO Marketing Toolkit! I love this site!”
Teresa Giannini - Mortgage Banker/Broker
Great Lakes Home Mortgage, Inc
“I have found LO Marketing Toolkit to be an excellent source for marketing material. All for a yearly rate that just cannot be beat! The website is easy to use. There are many, many templates to use. Posting to social media is easy. A great value for sure!”
Otto Alcon - Senior Mortgage Consultant